Boobie Smoothie Mix - Original Vanilla
Boobie Smoothie Mix - Original Vanilla
Boobie Smoothie Mix - Original Vanilla

Boobie Smoothie Mix - Original Vanilla

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Our boobie smoothie mix is full of milk making galactogoues to help BOOST your milk supply naturally.  BREWERS YEAST - contains iron, protein, vitamin B and other trace materials. This is like liquid gold in boosting milk supply! ORGANIC FLAXSEED MEAL - a good source of dietary fiber & omega-3 fatty acids. Contains vitamins E & B, calcium, iron & potassium. ORGANIC OATMEAL - Oats contain saponins, which are anti-inflammatory and are also an antibiotic to help aid your immune system. Saponins have been shown to boost the milk-making hormones produced by the pituitary gland. ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR - includes lauric acid which is a healthy fat for breastfeeding. 

Ingredients include - Organic brewers yeast, organic oat flour, organic coconut flour, organic flaxseed meal, organic vanilla bean powder. Allergy statement - includes gluten

A powdered blend of milk making ingredients to add to your own favourite smoothie recipe or every day foods.  Includes no added sugar, and with a light vanilla flavor you wont even notice it in your food. 

INSTRUCTIONS - add two tablespoons to -

* Your favourite smoothie recipe 

* To cereal or yogurt 

* To your favorite bowl of soup or casserole for dinner 

* Baking - Add to your favouite bikkie or bliss ball recipe

Possibilities are endless 💗

We recommend at least 3 serves per day for the first four days and then adjust to suit your needs.

Made from local and imported ingredients 

480g = 24 serves

Proudly made in Australia 

Boobie Smoothie Mix - Original Vanilla